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GreenGlass Mold- and Water-Resistant Fiberglass Structural Gypsum Sheathing


Fiberglass-Faced Gypsum Products

GreenGlass is Temple-Inland’s newest and most moisture- and mold-resistant fiberglass-faced gypsum product line. Developed for commercial, multi-family and residential applications, GreenGlass delivers the excellent performance you expect – plus an unrivaled level of recycled content that sets a whole new industry standard.

New smaller 3' x 5' Tile Backer!

GreenGlass tile backer board now makes it easier than ever to ensure even your smaller-space projects get maximum moisture and mold protection. Ideal for wet areas, non-wet areas, and even non-tile areas. And with 90% recycled content, GreenGlass delivers big-time for green building

Discover GreenGlass Roof Board

GreenGlass Resource Kit Binder

GreenGlass roof board is a fiberglass-faced, noncombustible, nonstructural gypsum panel designed to satisfy the requirements of commercial roofing systems as a cover board, thermal and/or fire barrier. And like all GreenGlass products, it also offers a standard-setting minimum of 90% certified recycled gypsum content that can contribute toward credits in multiple green building rating systems.